When I first started seeing Diana, I’d suffered from back pain for years. I felt emotionally drained and stressed. Her holistic approach to back pain has helped me feel much better both physically and emotionally.


Within 2 sessions with Diana I was pain free for the first time in ages. I could hardly believe it & the stretch exercises she recommended me are really simple & effective. I feel so much more in touch and at ease with my body.


Dear Management, I today experienced the most beneficial massage I have ever had before. Your therapist is a credit to the Spa and deserves recognition for her professionalism and welcoming nature but above all, for her technique and knowledge of massage. Please pass on my gratitude.


I had my first ever Thai Massage with Diana over a year ago. The work has transformed my life- now an essential part. It’s really helping me cope with my Parkinson’s disease. Thanks a million Diana.


My massage sessions with Diana are always really nourishing. She works deeply, with knowledge and awareness of the subtle connections between areas holding tension. I come away feeling soothed and relaxed . I highly recommend Diana to anyone in need of good bodywork.


When I first started seeing D, I couldn’t turn my neck to see over my shoulder.I was delighted with the improvement after just one session.That was 2 years ago.Now I try to see D twice a month. Having regular bodywork has had such a hugely beneficial effect on my life in so many ways. Thank you Diana!


Firstly,I have to say I am very fussy when it comes to getting a good treatment! Diana just hits the spot every time and she is simply my top favourite. Her knowledge of the human systems, coupled with compassion, sensitivity and kindness makes coming for a session with Diana much more than just a massage. Its an experience of complete renewal & deep turning into what it needed ,and she is so strong- she gets right in there working those key trigger points, leaving you in a state of bliss.


I have suffered from back pain for many years, and have tried many different massage therapists. Diana works with skill and intuition. She really does have healing hands.


I have fybromyalgia, and have lived for years with chronic pain and muscles spasms. Diana is a skilled , knowledgeable therapist & sensitive to my needs. She finds all my knots & just the right pressure to find release without causing more pain.